Canon Pixma MG3170 CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System)

I bought the Canon Pixma MG3170 CISS from flipkart couple of months back and bought a generic Canon CISS kit from eBay at the same time. Though my usage is not heavy, the cost of the cartridge prompted me to go for the CISS kit. Installed the CISS right from the beginning. There were not many videos on Youtube for this particular model, but people had done it. Installation is a bit tricky. Some of the instructions/photos on the web requires one to dismantle the scanner assembly on top, but I found that it is not required. This model is a multi-function printer and thus there was not much space above the cartridge for the ink tubes to move around. Also I had to remove the cartridge door to route the tube inside. The cartridge door does not have any functionality than to hide the cartridge. The tubes were held to the channel below by using two paper clips that was cut short.Let the pictures do the talking. As you can see the black ink is not filled up in the tube. There seems to be a minor air leak in the black cartridge tube connection. This does not affect the printing, as the black cartridge is now in a 'refill mode'.
  The CISS tank stays on the right side, same level as the printer. The ink tube is routed below the main front door. It has a very narrow gap just to pass the tube through.The tube is held on to the floor in front of the cartridge replacement door. The cartridge door is permanently removed. I removed it by using a small screwdriver on the left side and popped out the hinge pivot. The ink tube passes along the edge of the metal channel and is held on by two paper clips. The paper clip has to be cut to shorten it and form it such that the tube is firmly held on to the channel. This part is tricky because there is very narrow gap between the metal edge and the cartridge path. The tube goes on the top of the cartridges. Whole CISS arrangement.Leave just enough length of tube so that the cartridge moves freely.
Dear customers,

Please do not keep your printer idle for consequent four or more days after refilling of inkjet cartridges. If printout is not required frequently please take atleast few lines daily to keep the ink flow throgh the nozzles, so that the cartridge nozzle will not get blocked and can be refilled many times.